Back-to-Work Events by Fleets

  • What better way to welcome your team back to work than a catered Welcome Event.

    With many employees heading back to the office in some sort of regular daily or hybrid fashion, Fleets Coffee is here to help bring your team back to work in style, reintegrate the business, and build team engagement – and in some cases, give your team the opportunity to mingle and engage with their teammates for the very first time outside of a video call.

    Our fresh hot and cold beverages and amazing baked goods are an instant hit. Or, make it a full-meal event with our sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and more… all made in our state-of-the-art Fleets Mobile Cafés.  We offer fully-customized food and beverage menu packages that meet the needs of the team, the budget, and the type of event you’re looking to hold.

    Here’s a peak at some of the delectable delights we can provide!

  • Leave it to us to make your employees feel special

    Drop us a line and let’s talk about getting your team back to work on the right foot.