About Fleets

  • Our Story

    Fleets Coffee is a Toronto-based mobile coffee and technology company committed to delivering high quality, fresh coffee shop products — made just in time — to commuters, students, and workers. Building on the twin foundations of a powerful, patent-pending ordering platform and a fleet of high-technology mobile cafés, the Fleets Coffee team frees customers from the long line-ups of traditional brick-and-mortar coffee shops and the wait times, perishability, and cost issues associated with third-party delivery companies.

    Ultimately, Fleets Coffee is three things:
    • A pioneer disrupting the coffee business and leading its next wave
    • A response to the consumer convenience revolution, helping coffee drinkers become untethered from the notoriously inconvenient brick-and-mortar coffee shop and third-party delivery experience
    • And the answer to an industry that has failed to respond to changing customer needs.

    Over the next 10 years, Fleets Coffee intends to become one of the leading North American coffee shop brands and businesses, bringing the benefits of mobile cafés to over 30 cities, from more than 5000 mobile locations.

  • Fleets Values and Priorities

    More than delivering great coffee shop products and significant time savings, our friendly team members are dedicated to leaving customers feeling like they’ve “won” every time they are served.

    We achieve this objective by: striving every day to truly delight our customers, offering the highest quality products available anywhere, coming to work every day fully-committed in heart and mind, supporting one another to meet customer needs, being accountable at all times, and regularly showing both team members and customers how much we appreciate their loyalty.